[Fan Report] SixTONES (ストーンズ) 「on eST」LIVE Concert

Since the concerts are still livestreamed online at the moment, here's my fan report for the concert of 6th January 2021 (the second one at 6pm). Enjoy~

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WHAT IS SixTONES? Members Presentation
SixTONES CALENDAR 2020-2021 Unboxing
NAVIGATOR」 SixTONES (ストーンズ) Dance Cover ダンス https://youtu.be/bkAwvl9NP4c
「Telephone」SixTONES (ストーンズ) Full Dance cover


久しぶりです! Alright, here's a request from my shinme Rhea, who also co-wrote the skit with me. 2020 is weird you guys. I barely had time to hug Sou that Marius took a break... Anyway, I hope you enjoy this #SexyZone skit, I know some of you were waiting for Valerie so... There you go :) ラビュュュュ

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Finally decided to make an IG account for all the sweet memes I've been posting.

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IG: @ that_johnnys_meme

「NAVIGATOR」 SixTONES (ストーンズ) Dance Cover

I learned mainly on Juri and Shintaro for this one, as they were shinme on the routine (and I pretty much already had their outfits).
I hope you will like it, this is the full Youtube version.

You can also Watch Rhea's Cover Version (she recorded the entire song!): https://youtu.be/_sNriK1S5XQ

***Shout out to Rhea who edited this beauty for me.
You can support her here: https://www.youtube.com/user/aikenchi

SNOW MAN CALENDAR 2020-2021 Unboxing (Eng subs)

Girl, do you want it now? Last calendar for this year is from another freshly debuted group: Snow Man! Who's gonna fly this week?
FAQ: I pre-ordered on CDJapan, as usual and no I don't know if you can still purchase it but hopefully you can :)

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JOHNNY'S Jr BLUE CALENDAR 2019-2020 Unboxing https://youtu.be/RXXsaKfQabk
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